A refreshing new way to share photos, videos, and conversations. Strings is free to use, and installs in seconds.

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The promise of technology has always been to make our lives simply better. To bring us closer together. To make us feel more connected. And to feel safe, even as it enables us to be exactly who we want to be. Technology should protect us from unwanted exposure, and shelter us from being condemned for our honesty and vulnerability.

We believe you deserve a way to spontaneously and fearlessly share your most intimate moments and personal thoughts from your smartphone. So we developed Strings. With Strings, you can say whatever you want, share any video or photograph you want, to whomever you want. And take it back if you want. And your friend, relative, workmate or partner cannot share it with anyone else. Unless you want them to.

Strings is based on your phone number, just like texting. There are no privacy rules. No friends lists. Nothing sent by mistake that you cannot retrieve.

On Strings, you own your content. Not us. Not advertisers. You decide who sees your content. Not us. Not advertisers. You pull all the Strings.

1You need a smartphone and phone number to use Strings. No number, no use.
2Your profile is not public. Only people who have your phone number can share with you.
3The only people who can view your content are the ones you share it with. Add people and remove people anytime.
4No one can download or share your content without your approval. Period.
5If anyone takes screenshots of your content, Strings will detect it and their account will be suspended.
6If you remove yourself from a conversation, anything you said will be removed with you.
7If you delete a photo, video or chat that you created, it will be deleted on every participant’s device.
8If you delete your account, your photos, videos and comments are deleted forever, on all phones and servers.
9What you share will never be analyzed, mined, sold, filed, or otherwise used at your expense.
10Strings is free to use and free of advertising.
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